Speech Therapy

Whether it is pronunciation, stuttering, accent reduction, or speech clarity, we help with all areas of speech difficulties. We help children, teenagers, and adults improve their speaking skills and confidence.

Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering therapy is helpful for increasing awareness of speech and tension, reducing disfluencies, and gaining control over speech patterns. We use a whole approach to stuttering that includes changing speech patterns, managing emotions related to stuttering, and carrying over speech fluency techniques into your everyday speech. We help children and adults who stutter find their confidence in communicating!

Speech Articulation

We help with childhood articulation and phonological disorders as well as adult speech articulation and clarity. We have extensive experience working with developmental speech errors as well as dysarthria post-stroke and neurological injury. What you say matters and we want to help you speak as clearly as possible!

Accent Modification

It can be difficult to change your accent on your own. We can help you reduce or modify your accent for clearer personal and professional communication.

Transgender Voice

Voice therapy can be effective in learning new vocal behaviors to improve vocal health and quality. We work with patients who are modifying their voice due to gender transition. We are skilled, sensitive, and always work on the goals that YOU want to achieve.