Language understanding and expression is important at any age. Whether you have a child learning to communicate, a teenager struggling to keep up with school, or you are an adult wanting to improve their communication skills, we have ways to help you and your family improve all areas of your language skills.

Receptive language

Receptive language includes understanding what you hear, read, and observe. Main areas of receptive language are understanding questions, understanding vocabulary, following directions, understanding non-verbal language, and understanding all types of communication around you.

Expressive language

Expressive language therapy focuses on improving your ability to express your thoughts, needs, and ideas effectively. Main areas of expressing language are answering questions, making comments, sharing experiences, and using appropriate grammar and vocabulary.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Whether you are having difficulties with processing information, word finding, memory, or functional communication skills, we can help you build your communication skills to participate fully in your life.

Neurological Disorders

Communication skills can be hugely impacted by progressive neurological diseases and disorders of the brain. Brain tumors, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are some of the areas we treat. We want you to maintain and improve your communication skills and live the beautiful life you deserve.


We help clients regain their communication skills and independence in their everyday living activities. We offer language based rehabilitation treatment plans for people with recent and recovering strokes.

Social skills

Social skills are essential for positive and effective communication. Whether you are a teenager trying to fit in at school or an adult struggling in the workplace, we have solutions for you. We help with reading situations, understanding non-verbal language non-literal language and making and keeping friendships.

English / ESL

Our clients come from diverse and unique backgrounds. Whether you are new to English or wanting to improve your English, we offer services to help with spoken and written language.

Executive Functioning

People with ADHD, autism, neurological impairments (such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia) and learning difficulties often have executive functioning difficulties. Our therapy includes identifying challenges, planning, organizing, completing tasks, coaching, and compensatory strategies to help you find the success you need.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries can occur at any age and treatment may be needed for cognition, communication, memory, and problem solving. We can help you with your rehabilitation needs to improve your
communication skills and quality of life.

Problem Solving

Communication is complicated. Many people with language difficulties have struggles understanding expectations, perspectives of others, causes of problems, and finding plausible solutions. We offer help with solving real-life language based problems for people of all ages.