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Anywhere Speech & Language offers Speech, Language, Reading and Writing Services in Hong Kong.

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Language understanding and expression is important at any age. All of our services are in English and entirely online. We help with:

Understanding of Language

Receptive language includes understanding what you hear, read, and observe. Main areas of receptive language are understanding questions, understanding vocabulary, following directions, understanding non-verbal language, and understanding all types of communication around you. All of our language services are in English.

Expression of Language

Expressive language therapy focuses on improving your ability to express your thoughts, needs, and ideas effectively. Main areas of expressing language are answering questions, making comments, sharing experiences, and using appropriate grammar and vocabulary.


Whether it is pronunciation, stuttering, accent reduction, or speech clarity, we help with all areas of speech difficulties. We help children, teenagers, and adults improve their speaking skills and confidence.

English Speech Articulation

We help with childhood and adult speech articulation and clarity. What you say matters and we want to help you speak as clearly as possible. Our therapists are native English speakers and have mastered teaching the English speech sounds.

Accent Modification

It can be difficult to change your accent on your own. We can help you reduce or modify your accent for clearer personal and professional communication. We provide 1:1 accent coaching using a sequential approach geared toward learning the American English accent.


Our reading therapy can help improve decoding and understanding the written English language. Whether you are a child learning to read, a teenager having difficulty with reading comprehension, or an adult wanting to improve reading skills for career advancement, we have solutions for you. We offer multi-sensory reading services for people of all ages based on the Orton-Gillingham Multi Sensory approach. We are also members of the Hong Kong Dyslexia association.


Our English written language services help with organization, grammar, punctuation, and other written language conventions. We help with written language for both children and adults.

Why Choose Anywhere Speech Language
We are passionate about our role in providing comprehensive speech, language, and reading services to people of ALL ages. We believe that everyone has the potential to enhance their communication skills within the comfort of their own home, school, or business. Our services are interactive, effective, and entirely online.


All services are provided online in the comfort of your home, school, or workplace. We have flexible hours that fit into various schedules.


We specialize in speech, language, reading, and occupational therapy services for ALL ages. We are here to help you in your childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and retirement.


We provide individual person-centered therapy services to meet your specific needs. Whatever your needs are….

Hong Kong Service Fees

All of our services are in English, entirely online, and developed to meet your individual needs.

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“Cara has been working with our teenage son for almost three years. She has been instrumental in helping my son improve his social skills. He now has a strong friendship group and just applied for his first job! Thank you for helping our son.”

Jennifer M.

“After my stroke, I could not travel to the clinic for speech therapy and I was nervous to start speech therapy online because I struggle with technology. It has been a great experience (and the technology was easy). Thank you for your kindness and expertise.”

Norman S.

“Within 10 sessions with Anywhere Speech & Language I was able to change my speech so that people at work could better understand me. I am more confident speaking in work meetings now.”

Dmitri R.

“Thanks for helping Caleb with his speech. He has had so much fun with your activities that he didn’t even realize that they were helping him communicate better. He is speaking so much better!”

Kathy S.

“When my child first started online speech therapy with Anywhere Speech & Language, she was missing some of her speech sounds which made it hard to understand her. Her 1st grade teacher just told me that she understands everything she says now. Hooray!”

Kristina H.

“I grew up in Russia and all of my co-workers kept asking me to repeat myself. Cara helped me speak more clearly and reduce my accent so now my co-workers understand me much better.”

Aleksandr R.

“My husband had a traumatic brain injury after a car accident. He had difficulty with memory and reading comprehension even after many months of outpatient rehab. After our benefits ran out we came to find Anywhere Speech & Language. He has gained so many new compensatory strategies with our therapist.”

Jackie B.

“I really needed some strategies to help my late-talker toddler at home. We decided to do parent coaching with Anywhere Speech & Language. We were given assignments for the week and then we did them with our daughter. She is now speaking in full sentences.”

Sandy A.

“I have had a severe stutter all throughout school and college. I found online speech therapy with Anywhere Speech & Language after my employer suggested that I seek help so that I can become a more fluent speaker and manager. I am so glad I did!”

Robert P.